Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant


5 Tips For Aspiring Celebrity Personal Assistants

As the right-hand man or woman to A-listers and executives, a celebrity personal assistant juggles busy schedules, jet sets across the globe and functions as a celebrity’s lifestyle manager.

As a superhuman administrative dynamo, celebrity personal assistants make in upwards of $150,000 a year to manage all the details of a celebrity’s life and career.

If you are obsessed with customer service and enjoy the glamorous life, then the life of a celebrity assistant might be your dream career.

Three Celebrity Personal Assistant Quick Facts

  • According to the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, the average annual income for a celebrity personal assistant is approximately $62,000.
  • There is no formal training required to be a celebrity personal assistant.  Build skills by taking courses on project management, event planning and publicity. Volunteer with non-profit organizations to use these skills and build confidence in your abilities.
  • Develop a thick skin and a blind-eye towards ridiculous and over the top behavior. As a celebrity personal assistant, you will be privy to the personal life of a somewhat neurotic, creative, controlling and obsessive personality. Practice discretion. The ability to practice confidentiality and discretion is as important as scheduling appointments and managing required tasks.

Here are 5 steps to start your journey as a celebrity personal assistant to the stars.

Step 1 – Eliminate a 9-5 work mentality

Celebrity personal assistants are on call 24 hours a day. Whatever and whenever the star needs, it is your job to make it happen. Want to transition from your current full-time job to the life of a celebrity personal assistant?

After hours, volunteer your services to a busy event planner or publicist, to develop the necessary skills required to assist a high-powered celebrity. If you cannot endure marathon work sessions and many sleepless nights…do not apply for a celebrity personal assistant position.

Step 2 -Become obsessed with the details

The life of a celebrity is filled with travel, movie soundstages, personal appearances and hours upon hours of phone calls and errands. Making appointments, scheduling, and organizing the life of a celebrity is your main role.  It is your job as the celebrity personal assistant to ensure that no task is ever undone.

Develop a reputation as a stellar administrative assistant striving to complete each task assigned to you efficiently and effectively.

Step 3-Build your rolodex of contacts

A celebrity personal assistant is a concierge and administrative assistant all rolled into one. Your connections with other celebrity support staff could prove invaluable in a crisis–or when fulfilling your future boss’ every whim and desire.

Before you start your career as a celebrity personal assistant, develop relationships with vendors: florists, concierges, limousine drivers, dry cleaners, house managers and other support staff before becoming a celebrity personal assistant. Amass your team of celebrity staffers to help execute your boss’ every need.

Step 4 -Remove the word no out of your vocabulary

No high-powered executive likes to hear the word no. As a celebrity personal assistant, you are required to make the impossible materialize without whimpering, whining and complaining. Learn how to overcome obstacles creatively and positively.

Step 5 -Get superhuman multi-tasking skills

Can you walk the dog, send emails on your blackberry and plan your boss’ surprise birthday party in Cannes simultaneously? As a celebrity personal assistant, you will be required to juggle 25 tasks at the same time and complete them with precision.

Increase the amount of job responsibilities in your current position to practice the balancing act required to become a 6-figure celebrity personal assistant.

Tips on how to break into the business as a celebrity personal assistant

  • Develop relationships with publicists, managers, hairstylists, real estate agents, accountants, business managers and other members of a celebrity’s support team.
  • Submit a professional letter to a celebrity’s manager discussing your qualities.
  • Register with a staffing agency that place celebrity personal assistants with executives, athletes and A-listers.
  • Increase your knowledge of event planning, lifestyle management and your basic organizational skills. Start volunteering with non-profit organizations to develop your multi-tasking abilities and to network with local celebrities where you currently live.
  • Prepare to sharpen your computer skills, travel expertise and dining etiquette.

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