Grocery Store Jobs: How to Get a Supermarket Job in 5 Easy Steps

get a supermarket job

If you are looking for a career path with many job opportunities and steady income, consider a a grocery store job.

Because shopping at supermarkets and grocery stores are necessary for food, pharmaceutical and personal care items, there are many opportunities for a successful career at your local supermarket.

Whether you are looking for ASDA jobs or Sainsbury jobs, follow these 5 expert tips to help you get a supermarket job and get the most out of your new career.

Step 1 – Create a résumé focusing on skills and training vital to the supermarket’s success.

Before applying for jobs in the grocery industry, prepare a résumé that highlights skills necessary for success in a supermarket. If you are applying for a management position, highlight your leadership, sales and people management skills.

For cashier jobs, highlight your customer service and math skills. No matter what position you are applying for in the supermarket, focus on skills that help to bring in revenue for the store and maintain customer satisfaction.

Gain a surprising edge; become familiar with the couponing process, since clipping them is growing trend.

Step 2- Stay connected socially and virtually.

Networking and remaining social online is very important to landing a new job. In fact, almost 50 percent of recruiters and HR managers believe that resumes will be replaced by profiles on social media sites like Linked In.

After creating a professional profile online, talk to your friends and family members on Facebook to see if they have any connections with hiring managers in the food service and supermarket industries.

Step 3 -Prep for the interview.

Look online for a list of basic interview questions to help you prepare for the grocery store interview. Ask a friend to quiz you on tough interview questions so you can stay calm when you meet with the grocery store hiring manager.

Make sure that you have questions ready after the interview to show that you are focused on doing the job.

Remember, many hiring managers began their supermarket career as teenagers, working at a neighborhood grocery store on weekends and after school. So ask questions that show your enthusiasm and knowledge of how a grocery store works, and your readiness to work in this field.

Step 4 -Dress to impress.

It is important to dress according to the organization norms of the job you are applying for, not the job you now have. Dress and emulate the style of your local supermarket employees. Wear a suit to the interview to show your professionalism and eagerness to adhere to the grocery store’s uniform and conservative employee attire.

Step 5 – Get three or four qualified references.

To prove that you have a strong work ethic and are fully committed to the job, ask three or four of your former employers and colleagues for references. Only ask people to vouch for your work history who are credible, can speak of your stellar skills and experiences and are enthusiastic and positive.

If you are a recent high school graduate without work experience, ask your school counselor or favorite teacher to give a reference for your future employer.

Although the process of getting supermarket or grocery store job isn’t getting any easier, with a little research, practice and preparation you can land a great job or build your dream career.

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