Become a Luxury Corporate Travel Agent


Think you have what it takes to become a luxury corporate travel agent?

The benefits of high-end luxury travel agents include: jet-setting around the globe; finding exquisite exotic locales for demanding clients or feasting upon sumptuous fare at 5 star restaurants.

If you enjoy living the high life and working with the rich and famous becoming a luxury travel agent is not only an amazing job, but an adventure.

Graduate high school.

Skills such as basic math, writing and reading comprehension are required to become a travel agent. Your task is not only to find a great luxury resort for your clients, but do it in the cheapest, fastest and most comprehensive way. To succeed you’ll need basic high schools skills. In fact, most travel agencies won’t hire you without a high school diploma and some travel booking experience.

Become an internet travel guru.

With the rise of Travelocity, Expedia, LastMinuteTravel and Orble, the web savvy luxury travel agent must be quick with internet deals and white-glove hospitality.

In preparation for your jet-setting career, become familiar with the latest and greatest internet booking alternatives while brushing up on your computer skills.

Get trained as a travel agent with an emphasis on luxury service.

Either start working as an apprentice with a seasoned luxury-traveling guru, or get a gig with a local hotel.

Learning the ropes from an established entrepreneur will help you master pricing, salesmanship and the demands of high-powered and rich clientele.

Subscribe to travel and wealth magazines while learning a second or third language.

Immerse yourself into the life of luxury with a subscription to the Robb Report or LuxLife Magazine. Want to separate yourself from the competitive pack of your travel agent colleagues?

Learn French, Italian, Chinese or a Middle Eastern language. Impress your clients and future employers with your vast knowledge of culture, local customs and the good life.

Become well-versed on travel issues, problems and procedures…and how to fix them.

Learn how to secure a last-minute passport; recommend a private jet or two for a sultan; book a luxury yacht in Monte Carlo and find a bottle of vintage red wine in Cairo.

Luxury clients demand top service. As a high-powered travel agent, you’re hired to not only meet their travel needs but exceed them.

Luxury Travel Consultant and Travel Agent Tips:

  • The National Business Travel Association and the Travel Institute both have certification and training programs for aspiring luxury travel agents.
  • You might be required to register with your state before starting your own travel agency.
  • Luxury travel agents receive many perks. Benefits include: free airplane tickets, discounted hotel accommodations, reservations at some of the most celebrated 5 star restaurants worldwide.
  • Professional Association of Travel Hosts (PATH) the and National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents (NACTA) are organizations that provide services for travel agents.
  • Travel agents are paid via salaries or by commissions.
  • To build up your client list as a luxury travel agent, build up relationships with other luxury service providers and workers like: concierges, celebrity personal assistants, chefs and estate managers for referrals.

Luxury Travel Consultant and Travel Agent Warnings:

  • Beware of multi-level marketing organizations that offer travel agency services that require a fee to join but are really referral scams.
  • Luxury travel agents make considerable salaries often in the six-figures. However, it takes many years to build a reputation and develop a loyal client list.

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