Office Affair or Sex With Boss: Should You Have An Affair At Work?

Should You Have an Office Affair with Your Boss?

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career question Dear Career Vanity,

There is strong physical chemistry between my boss and me. His body language tells me that he wants to sleep with me, but I have my reservations. I love my job and want to get a raise. Are there any advantages to sleeping with him? I want to know.

Should I have an office affair or sex with my boss to get ahead?

career answer Dear Get Your Freak On at Work?

Are you any good at sex? Do you have the skills of Superhead (Karinne Stephens) or possess Jenna Jamison’s legendary porn queen abilities?

Or are you an amateur sexpot using the office affair route to advance your career horizontally?

Surprised at my response?

Thought I was going to tell you to close your legs, ignore your boss and get to work.

Well, that’s the safest route.  But I’m not judging you on your desire to get ahead, or the sexual attraction to your boss. I want to know if you have any serious skills in the bedroom.

Because any boss, especially if he is a man, is going to judge your workplace romance skills in the bedroom and the boardroom.

And he should.

So your sexual positions and lovemaking skills better be advanced karma sutra, and not a first time virgin with her boyfriend in the back of a Nissan Sentra… if you think you’re going to score any points with a man.

Because any woman who is using the office affair as a tool to advance her career better be a serious professional with the ability to “create an advanced lovemaking fantasy,” like a high-class call girl  while separating her emotions from the act.

But before you hit the sheets with your boss, think about the long-term consequences of your proposed sexual escapade.

  • You will have to work with this man and your co-workers on the job. And every woman knows that men gossip more than we do. In fact, the UK Telegraph reports, “that men spend an average 76 minutes a day tittle-tattling with their friends or work colleagues, compared to just 52 minutes for women.”
  • What if he is terrible in bed? Now you have to pretend that he was good when he was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. What woman wants to fake an orgasm with a man she has to work with?
  • The sex will change the relationship between you and boss. Are you ready for the cold shoulder? Or his newfound emotional unavailability?
  • Hello sexual harassment! Do you want to get fired if he says that you tried to hit on him? Stranger things have happened at work?
  • Women are emotional creatures.  We fall in love faster when we have sex with a man. Unless you are a professional whore, and I mean that with total respect, you will get sucked in emotionally faster than he ever will.

So if you still want to have sex with your boss think about your personal brand. Think about your workplace reputation and the consequences of your decision.

Want to be the woman who has sex with her boss to get ahead with a “come and get it” sign on her crotch?

Or would you rather be the hardest working woman in the building, with her feet planted firmly on the ground, and a “not for sale” sign posted firmly between her legs.

Whether to have an office affair with your boss is ultimately your choice, sexy mama.

Even if you have supreme sexual skills and dress really sexy at work, choose wisely. Your workplace reputation depends on your decision.

Whatever your choice,  your boss will eventually come out on top. No pun intended.

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  1. Carroll Yaish says

    I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of guideline that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Thank you this beneficial contribute.

  2. love says

    iam a woman who loved my old man very much, i would had die for him if i needed to. he is a boss at his job and day in and day out i was always home along and woman would say girl i wish i was you, i could get out on my old man and have him out for he get home.i always would say why? he love me . he’s out their working for us . i now know he was not just working but having affair, with a young woman at work. he said that he was sorry but i cant stop crying . i want to die and i have no one but god that i can goto . why because i dont want to hear i tall you. for me i dont care why she did it i only care about one thing the man that i loved and truth let me down . for this aslong as god let me stay here i will never truth aman again .man befor you say it, no you will not pay because he was a ass , i will be nice say hi and by and this we cant get back one of us got to go!!!!!!!

  3. Rebounding Master says

    Its never a good idea to allow your work to be compromised in order to get ahead because if it backfires your left with nothing. Is getting a raise really important enough for you to possibly lose your job altogether? You have to be willing to risk everything so make sure your thought process is as clear as it can possibly be.

  4. observer says

    And if you still want this experience just work in the EB department at a southern insurance company where both the existing encumbrant and at least one of his predessors in that position both are having/had affairs with members of their departments

  5. openminded says

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to have an affair but before you decide to indulge, see if you can trust your boss. Is he going to use sex as a upper hand on you? For example will he use it to black mail you in some way. Once you can trust him as well as yourself to seperate your attraction to one another from your professional duty an also keeping the affair strictly between the both of you.
    If the above circumstances are met, you can go for it. I wouldn’t worry about if the sex is good or not simply because if two people are genuinely attracted to each other along with the idea of having an affair the sex will be satisfying. Its your choice. Hope I helped.

  6. Young and Confused says

    So this is a subject that I’m struggling with. I am supposed to be getting married to my fiance’ next Sept. 2013, I love him and his 4 children, mind you he’s 34 and i’m only 22 and still in school for Vet Tech. I have always been faithful to him and him to me, however, I have a new boss at work he and i have been working M-F 40 hours a week for the past yearish. I enjoy being around this man even though he is 45. I keep having thoughts and dreams about him and marrying him, and I wouldn’t be doing anything to get a raise or a promotion. I just find myself to be super attracted to him. He is in the middle of a divorce and he is always trying to tell me that he can take care of me and that we could live our dreams and goals together, and idk why, but i feel so tempted… i feel like i’m playing with fire. I don’t know what to do… and there is nobody i can talk to about this situation… HELP me please, any advice at all would be so helpful or anyone in this situation or similar… Could it be i’m not ready to get married??? IDK… HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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