Non Profit Careers: What You Need to Know to Get a Non-profit Job

People with non-profit jobs are more than “helpful citizens” dispensing goods and services to the destitute and poor.

As a non-profit program volunteer or manager, your efforts enrich the lives of people without shelter, food and clothing but also give  support and hope to communities and families worldwide.

Non-profit jobs require a unique skill set:  enthusiasm and hard work coupled with a genuine desire to serve humanity selflessly.

What you need to know about non-profit jobs and careers:

  • According to the US Department of Labor, there are 1.64 million nonprofit organizations in America. These nonprofit jobs employ 8.7 million workers.
  •  A non-profit organization generates healthy revenues, but its profits  are not transferred to the members or owners of the non-profit corporation.
  • Non-profit employees take part in careers such as : operators of day care centers, fundraising management, education and social service agencies. The qualifications for nonprofit careers are comparable to all employees in the for-profit sector.
  • Coursework in the counseling, the arts, liberal arts, education and humanities are perfect for careers in non-profits. Employees employed by medical facilities and colleges or universities require a diploma, graduate study and additional certification in their area of expertise.
  • Management level professors, administrators and professionals who administer medication or care must have advanced degrees beyond their high school and college education for non profit jobs.
  •  Typical non-profit positions are centered on project management, fundraising and the various programs implemented by the non-profit organization. These program specific titles include:  fundraisers, program managers, media coordinators, directors of community outreach, development associates, and major gift officers and organizers.

A career in non-profits can be challenging and rewarding. Use this information to start your career dream career in non-profit service.

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