Resume Writing Services: How to Hire a Resume Writing Service

resume writing services

If, like many women you’ve written your own resume, consider using resume writing services like Career Builder’s cbResume or’s resume writing service.

Why should you consider hiring a resume writing service?

Because one great resume will speak volumes about your skills, work experiences and capabilities.  And whether jobs are scarce or plenty, in this competitive economy a well-written resume can separate you from other qualified candidates as the ideal person for the job.

While an online resume writing service will help you create a winning and professional resume, you’ll need tips to decide how to hire a resume writing service.  The best resume writing service will not only suit your professional needs, but is affordable and will help you grab the attention of your future employer with a well-written resume.

Resume Writing Services Tip #1 – Use social media to review the resume writing service.

Before hiring a resume writing service, visit Linked In, Twitter or Facebookto determine information about the resume writing service.  Online writing services like cbResume, have a social media presence to help potential clients learn about the features of the résumé writing services and view testimonials from satisfied customers.

Resume Writing Services Tip #2 – Inquire about the résumé writer’s professional experience.

Before paying for the writing services, ask about the steps to creating a résumé. Ask about the information needed to help the writer to complete the resume. Also ask  about the qualifications of the resume writers. Professional resume writers have the designation of (CPRW) given by the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW) or a Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) designation is awarded by the National Resume Writers’ Association.

If the service provides a sample resume, view it online to decide if the résumé writer’s style is compatible with your résumé writing preferences.

Resume Writing Services Tip #3 – Find out about the resume writing process and payment.

Will you need to fill out a résumé writing template online to complete the résumé? If so, compile information about your work experience, education, training, military service or special skills to help the writer complete your résumé.

Gather information about forms of payment, how many days it takes to complete the resume, and if refunds are provided if you are unsatisfied with the résumé writing services. When using an online service like cBResume, call the Job Seeker customer service number at (866) 438-1485 for detailed information about their resume writing services.

Once you have your final resume make sure to use quality paper and ink to print. Cartridge Discount has great deals on higher stock paper and top quality ink cartridges.

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