Resume Writing Tips: Move Your Resume to the Top of the Pile

resume writing tips

Looking for a new job? You’ll need a well-written resume.

And with more competition in the workplace a job seeker needs a few resume writing tips to get her resume at the top of the pile.

To prepare for your next “resume writing” session, you’ll need insider tips to help you stand out and get noticed from other applicants seeking employment.

Whether you use a professional resume writing services or write the resume yourself,

these resume writing tips are sure to help you get noticed.

My 4 top resume writing tips are…

Resume Writing Tip #1 – Be an expert. To stand out from the sea of job applicants, show your expertise clearly. Within the pages of your cover letter and resume, you prose must deliver your ideas in a relevant and intelligent manner. Use your summary of qualifications as an opportunity to state your work experience and skills in a clear and concise manager.

Resume Writing Tip #2 – Hire a resume writer. My best resume writing tip includes hiring an expert. If your resume writing does not highlight benefits or the formatting style is ancient and unprofessional, hire a resume writing companies. Online staffing organizations like and CbResume feature professional resume writing services for job seekers. In fact, Cbresume offers resume writing services for entry-level and executive-level resumes.

Resume Writing Tip #3 – Keep your resume short and sweet. Unless you are an executive vice president or C-level employee, a one-page resume is sufficient. Remember that the hiring manager is busy and reading hundred of resumes to fill one position. Use bullet points, titles and dates to help the decision maker scan your resume without missing the essential information.

Because the adult attention span is estimated to last from 6 to 20 minutes, and some recruiters scan resumes as fast as 10 seconds, quickly identify your experience and skills without overwhelming the reader.

Resume Writing Tip #4 -Highlight your accomplishments. An accomplishment-based resume features concrete examples of how you helped previous employers make more money, achieve their goals or set trends in the marketplace.  Include one or two bullet point after your job titles that showcase your skills and include measurable facts and figures to support your accomplishments.

Your resume can determine success or failure in this competitive job market. Use these resume writing tips to turn your ideas into a career-boosting job offer and a step in the right direction towards your new career.

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