Signs of Job Termination: Are You About to Lose Your Job?

signs of job termination

Are the signs of termination looming over your head?

You are not alone. Amid talks of layoffs in many companies, employees all around the nation are gathering around the office water cooler to see who will be the next victim of job cuts.

As the recipient of an unexpected layoff in 2001, I have first hand knowledge of what it feels like to hear the following words:

“I’m sorry, but we are going to have to let you go.

And by the way, we don’t have any severance to pay you, and you have 3 days to clear out your desk.”

I’m relentlessly resilient so I recovered from the shock and awe of being let go so quickly. In retrospect I should have paid close attention to the “you are about to get fired” clues.

There are a 6 distinct warning signs that every worker needs to recognize before you boss rounds the corner wielding a pink slip with the words, Hasta la vista, written across the top of it.

Want to see the signs of a pink slip before you are fired? Here’s how:

6 Signs You Are About to Lose Your Job

1-It’s the end of all holiday celebrations, parties and company picnics.

Once the employee frolicking and partying in the office stops, doomsday is coming. If the entertainment budget is slashed in the office, expect for the morale to plummet along with jobs loss.

2-Your immediate boss is involved in more closed door meetings than usual.

When the boss is scurrying to budget meeting after budget meeting and is sequestered in his or her office more than usual, be afraid. Someone’s job is definitely in jeopardy. Look for any changes in your supervisor’s behavior, no matter how small, to determine what change is coming to your office.

fired job loss

3-There’s a red alert hiring freeze.

Has human resources sent a recent memo to staff announcing a hiring freeze? Second law of HR firing states: first comes the job freeze followed by layoffs. If you were promised a raise or bonus, but it never materializes…start looking for a new job immediately.

4 – You received a bad review.

A poor performance review for any employee is a big sign that you are about to get fired. Discuss with your boss things that you should improve upon immediately. No sooner than you walk out of the review meeting, dust off your resume and contact recruiters in your industry. Regardless of the outcome and your willingness to improve, start looking for a new job.

5- Talks of a merger or acquisition are rampant.

Any discussion of two companies merging together is a big sign of job loss. It doesn’t matter which entity is taking over the other, redundant departments will be eliminated as well as low performing employees.

6- Some of your responsibilities are shifted to someone less competent.

If you are training the administrative assistant or intern to take over some of your duties, you are in trouble. Your job is being outsourced and you are the one training your replacement.

Memorize these signs of job loss, so you can head off an unexpected dismissal and ride off into the sunset with a serious transition plan.

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