Travel Nursing Jobs: What You Need to Know to Become a Traveling Nurse

traveling nursing jobs

Travel nursing jobs allow nurses the opportunity to take freelance nursing positions across the world.

In fact due to a nationwide nursing shortage, if you are a licensed practical nurse or vocational nurse,  your skills are in high demand. Why? Private clinics and hospitals are paying nurses top dollar to fill in for temporary nurse shortages.

Whether you are looking to see the world using your nursing , or are in school to become a nurse, read on for some important information about travel nursing jobs.

How long to travel nursing jobs last?

Nursing positions usually last from 4 months to a 2 years. Depending on the distance from your house and the duration of the gig, your employer may also give temporary housing.

Are nursing jobs stable?

Because travel nursing jobs are just for a short period, the position is not stable but the industry is.  In fact according to, there are many instances in hospitals or clinics where a full-time nurse leaves a job and a suitable replacement is not available. A traveling nurse would be the best fit for the postion.

If the clinic or hospital is pleased with your performance, your traveling nurse job may become a full-time opportunity. This often gives you the upper hand.  Because you will have a short-term nursing position, with the chance that you can become a long-term hire if you are satisfied with the hospital and the salary.

nursing jobs travelWhat are traveling  nurse salaries?

A nurse’s salary, like a medical doctor’s salary, will vary by location, experience and speciality.  Typically a travelling nurse position usually pays $25-$40 per hour, with a housing stipend for your lodging.

Nursing pay is usually higher in cities where the cost of living is high: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other metropolitan areas.

In fact, nursing Jobs in California are high-demand gigs because of the scenic location and high pay rates.

How do I qualify for a traveling nursing job?

Big medical facilities usually advertise in newspapers and online job sites for Travel Nursing jobs.  But, the simplest way to find a nursing job is to register with a travel nursing agency or a nursing recruiter.

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