Workplace Accidents: How to Prevent the Most Common Workplace Injuries

workplace accidents, workplace injuriesA truck driver’s vehicle is in desperate need of repair.

A house painter climbs an old scaffold to paint a high-ceiling.

A metal worker forgets his goggles or protective mask before starting his shift.

A construction worker doesn’t have on adequate clothing when working on a job site in the freezing rain.

Workers in these positions, are at risk of injuring themselves, causing traffic accidents, suffering from frostbite and falling.

Whether they slip on uneven surfaces, come in contact with dangerous materials or work with faulty equipment these mishaps may cause knee injuries, head injuries, broken bones, fractures and even worse… death.

According to OHSA -Occupational Safety & Health Administration accidents in the workplace cost business owners an average of 60 billion dollars annually. To help keep you and your employees safe use the following safety tips recommended by the accidents at work site:

  • Before driving a truck, van or car, make sure the turn signals and brakes are working properly. Make sure that there is a full tank of gas in the vehicle and all tires have adequate pressure.
  • To protect yourself from the snow and cold, cover your hands, feet, face and hands with protective covering that will prevent frostbite.
  • To prevent heat stroke, take frequent water breaks, wear breathable fabrics like cotton and loose-fitting clothing on a job site.
  • When working with hazardous materials on a job site, wear adequate eye protection like goggles and head protection like a construction hard hat. Safety shoes and gloves are required in areas when handling slippery and heavy objects.
  • Wear ear plugs and ear muffs to prevent damaging ears in noisy workplaces.
  • Report all unsafe situations at work. When you see a chemical spill or gas leakage, report the spill to your supervisor and barricade the work area.
  • Your workplace must have a proper spill response plan that includes, evacuation procedures, emergency contact numbers to the police and fire department, proper cleanup and containment instructions.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen all the time.

And the employees who may experience workplace injuries the most are working in dangerous areas such as assembly line work in factories and on construction sites.

The most common types of workplace accidents which affect employees and their employers are not only dangerous but are detrimental to the long-term safety and heath of the workers.

To prevent the most common workplace accidents and injuries, use the following tips to be safe and secure on the job.

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